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ISBN-13: 978-1733746977

​In a world absent of consequence, where free will is without a cost, the people are divided. Whereas some seek the illumination of their past to refine their present, others seek to attain absolute power, overlooking their history and denying others their free will.

Karma stands in the center of it all, choosing to help close the divide. What begins as a series of events becomes the catalyst for a forgotten past and the fuel for Karma.

She discovers that the key to bringing balance to the world lies in the past. Can humanity converge, or will the past destroy them all?



Some people are born knowing who they are, while others are born fighting for an identity. How far would you travel to discover your roots?

The Light of the Élan Vital

ISBN-13: 978-1733746908

Keera finds herself drawn to a strange being from her dreams, who tells her she is part of something extraordinary. He conditions her psychic abilities, but when he disappears, Keera is faced with others of his kind who are also distressed by the disappearance. Raknico arrives at his father’s last known location only to find he is too late. He is instead presented with an outsider who knows the ways of his people. He realizes that his father may never return and he will be forced to lead his people against the Darkness that promises to extinguish their souls. Together, Keera and Raknico discover, they alone, must fight to prevent dystopia. As the Darkness closes in, can they come together to bring back the light before hope is lost forever?

i dare you.jpg
I Dare You


The rules are simple:
1. Follow #truthordare
2. Share a post with the hashtag
3. Wait to be part of the game
4. If chosen, you must upload video evidence of your truth or dare within 24-hours
Pass and you become social media royalty. Fail... I dare you!

Beauty Roulette: A short story

ASIN: B07Q62B562

Imagine a world where, with a pill, you can achieve the body you've ever wanted. But if the risks outweighed the rewards, how far would you go for perfection?

ADAM (1).jpg
Adam: A short Story


The first Adam brought death upon the world upon eating from the tree of life. Witness as the second Adam brings life after death to the world.

Not this time.png
Not This Time: A novella 


Emma George is in for a ride when she gets the opportunity to reevaluate the decisions she’s made, the current predicament she is in, and the future that awaits her... if she would just trust in her own ability to know what is best for her.


This story now includes a short story companion.

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