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The Light of the Elan Vital cover

The Light of the Élan Vital


Keera finds herself drawn to a strange being from her dreams, who tells her she is part of something extraordinary. He conditions her psychic abilities but when he disappears, Keera is faced with others of his kind who are also distressed by the disappearance. Raknico arrives at his father’s last known location only to find he is too late. He is instead presented with an outsider who knows the ways of his people. He realizes that his father may never return and he will be forced to lead his people against the Darkness that promises to extinguish their souls. Together, Keera and Raknico discover, they alone, must fight to prevent dystopia. As the Darkness closes in, can they come together to bring back the light before hope is lost forever?

The perfect depiction that “timing is everything." I enjoyed every bit of Emma’s journey and taking charge of her life for a change. That is essential when becoming an adult, especially when your life is so dependent on the approval of your family... or can be a struggle, but, you only live once no matter how many versions of reality you are presented with (thanks to Henry) making the decision to be happy for you is the one thing you should be sure of! Amazing work, beautifully written!

Mr. & Mrs. Evans on Not This Time

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